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Work Ethics and Success Online

When it comes to making money online, it can be easy to get sucked into all the programs that promise profits with no effort required. I must admit I too got sucked into these claims when I first started looking for ways to make money online. Burdened with too much debt, I tried selling items on eBay, but soon found I was spending more time and effort with very little profits to show for it. Regardless of what all the guru books said about profiting on eBay, it became apparent that profits were only possible for those who has large amounts of money to put into the business.

Since I still held a full time job, I turned to the internet to find the best way to make money online.  I any type of program that could help me make money online. Since I had very little cash to spend, I started out with the free programs which were next to impossible to promote. I later found out these were classified MLM programs which are scams. Guess that explains why it was so hard to get sign-ups.

Finding myself desperate to make extra money, I spent money that I didn’t have on a variety of different guru programs.  Some were another form of a paid MLM scam, while others promised profits provided you followed a few simple steps. The problem I found with all these programs is that not one of them taught you how to promote. True, some may provide a list of tools to use, but they don’t tell you how to use those tools in order to achieve success.

After spending way too much money on these “get rich quick” programs, I eventually gave up assuming there is no legitimate way to make money online until 2009 when I came across the Wealthy Affiliate almost by accident. Having been burned so many times in the past, I must admit I was quite skeptical that this program was different despite the claims.

I soon realized that the Wealthy Affiliate was different than all the rest, but despite all the training and tools that were placed in front of me, I just couldn’t seem to find the time to dedicate to the program. Instead of pursuing a program that could deliver results, I spent most of 2010 trying to profit as an Avon Rep. Large amounts of time were spent with little to show for it, time that I could have been dedicating to the Wealthy Affiliate but I was just too stubborn to realize it.

During this time my membership had remained current and I was offered a chance to join the 30 day Article Marketing Training Club that the program offers. I was skeptical at first, figuring that my job would prevent me from having the time needed to participate. Instead of following the status quo, I applied for the club, figuring that it would be the kick in the pants I needed to finally get my marketing program off the ground.

At this writing, I have been in the club for 23 days so far and I am thrilled that I decided to participate. In this short amount of time the club has taught me the ethics required to be successful online.  With a few hours each day I have been able to create 14 different articles, and counting, that have been submitted for traffic to a variety of different article directories. I even created all the contents of this website in the 23 days I have been with the club.

Before this club I kept making excuses for myself. I kept telling myself that I didn’t have the time, or that the stress from my job was hindering my mental ability to think straight and write.  With the help of the Wealthy Affiliate all these excuses have now disappeared. I have learned that success is not achieved in one day, and that with each article I write, keyword I research, or web page I create gets me one step closer to achieving success online.  I just wish I has started this process sooner. Success is now within my reach, and I am not about to give up.

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How to Market Products Online

If you are new to affiliate marketing, there is a good chance you find yourself quite confused when it comes determining what steps you need to take in order to make money online. Do a quick internet search for making money online and you will find pages of products that promise to be the “only” program that can teach you all you need to know in the world of affiliate marketing.

The problem with most of these sites is that they will tell you very little to no effort or cash required to make money, but the truth is spending will need to be done in order to make money. Whether you choose to spend your time , or your money, you will need to part with something when it comes it comes to profiting online.

A popular free money making method is known as article marketing and the process is simple. You write articles based on a particular targeted keyword that relates to the product you are promoting. It is key that the keyword and product match, otherwise it decreases the chance that your visitors will not click on your affiliate link. While this method does not require you to spend any money, you will need to spend time to research the needed keywords, and write the articles that will be used to drive traffic to your product of choice.

A great resource for learning this marketing method is from the Wealthy Affiliate. With this program you will learn all the skills you need to successfully market products online using articles. These skills include, but are not limited to learning how to select effective keywords, how to create landing pages, as well as teach you the steps needed to achieve article marketing success. The best part is the Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to a great support team that comes in quite handy when you find yourself struggling with the current marketing task at hand.

If, on the other hand you find yourself short on time, then a better marketing option for you may be pay per click (PPC) marketing. Unlike article marketing, PPC still uses targeted keywords, but instead of spending your time writing articles, this method requires you to spend money. Your keyword of choice is associated with an online ad to which you need to set a price of how much you are willing to pay per click. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you are charged that amount until your account hits your max budget for the day.

If this sounds like the right method for you, a great resource for learning the PPC marketing method is the Wealthy Affiliate. While this may be one of the more popular marketing methods on the web, failure is quite common if you do not have the proper training. Google and other search engines require that the keywords you select are relevant to the page you are promoting. Select keywords with low relevance and you decrease the chance that your ad will display in search results. Do this too frequently and you run the risk of getting banned from PPC programs all together for violating the terms of the program.

The Wealthy Affiliate can help you avoid making careless mistakes by teaching you how to  write effective ad copy, how to select effective keywords, how to choose profitable affiliate programs as well as how to create effective PPC landing pages for your ads and more so you can earn instead of loose money with your PPC campaigns.

Keep in mind there is no set rule that states you can only pursue one marketing method. If you are short on cash, you can always start out with articles and then move on to PPC when your other marketing methods start to make you money. That is why I like the Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike other programs, they give you access to all the training you will ever need to be successful in affiliate marketing. No matter what method you choose, the Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve affiliate marketing success.

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The Economy and Affiliate Programs

With unemployment rates still at an all time high in many areas of the country, many families find themselves stuck with too many bills and not enough cash to make ends meet. This forces many to pick up one, two, or even three part time jobs just so they can pay the bills, preventing them from spending time with those who matter most, their family.

What many do not know or even realize is that it is possible to make money online with the use of affiliate marketing programs. Regardless of the experiences you have had with making money on the web in the past, affiliate programs are not “get rich quick” schemes that promise you can make million dollar profits in less than 24 hours. These programs are offered by some of the most well known companies, and with the right training you can learn the skills needed to succeed at making money with these programs.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a great training opportunity for those looking to get involved with affiliate marketing. With detailed training guides in article marketing, PPC marketing, Email marketing and more, you have the option to choose the right marketing method that works for you.

While experts say that their have been some improvements with the unemployment rate, many still find themselves having a difficult time making ends meet.

Even if you still have a job, you may have experienced a cut in hours, or were denied your yearly raise because you employer could not afford to give it to you. This makes it harder to afford groceries, gas and other household staples because while your salary stays the same, everything else continues to go up in price. This is why training in affiliate programs can be considered a great addition to your money making arsenal.

With just a few hours each day, the training offered at the Wealthy Affiliate can help you get on the path to taking control of your finances by creating a residual income stream online.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have ever searched the web for the perfect program that can help you make money online, there is a good chance that you have found yourself overwhelmed by the information that you find. With so many programs using various marketing terms interchangeably, it can be hard to tell which programs have been created with your success in mind, and which are out for nothing more than increasing their profits.

One of the most popular forms of marketing has been referred to as multi-level marketing, or MLM and there is a good chance you have come across at least one of these programs in your quest for money making success. Due to the creation of one too many scam programs, MLM’s have started to refer to themselves as affiliate marketing in order to avoid scaring away potential customers. The problem with this approach is that it causes customers to develop a negative opinion of a marketing program that does work when done correctly.

Regardless of what these other programs may lead you to believe, affiliate marketing is the promotion of a product or service that you have affiliated yourself with, and in turn receiving a percentage of the sales that you drive to a manufacturers website via your affiliate link. This method differs from MLM because you are promoting a tangible product like ebooks, pet toys, electronics or any other product you are interested in. With MLM, your job is to promote a program based only on its claims for money making success.

When I first started out in the money making realm, I fell for the claims of many of these sites. Heck, who doesn’t want to make profits with very little to no effort on their part. The problem with MLM is that they expect you do bring in referrals, and your referrals are then to bring in referrals, but they never tell you how you are supposed to go about getting those referrals. This sets you up not only for failure, but a loss of money in the process.

Success in affiliate marketing, sometimes referred to as internet marketing, is not a set it and forget it method. It requires a lot of time, effort and the right training in order to achieve success. But success is much simpler than you may think. With the training offered over at Wealthy Affiliate, you can get yourself on the right path to affiliate marketing success.

Still not convinced? Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for more information.

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Affiliate Product Links – Why and How you Should Cloak Them

In the world of affiliate marketing, learning how to cloak affiliate product links is as important as the product itself. Since the internet has become a common element in so many homes, consumers are becoming quite savvy about the products they buy as well as where they buy those products from. In order to try to keep their personal information safe when shopping online, many prefer to make their purchases from well known sites like Amazon or eBay.

Over the years, these well known sites have also been the target of an act known as Pishing. eBay as well as Paypal have both been major targets of this act. The act itself is pretty simple, a scammer creates an email that looks identical to a legitimate email a customer would receive from the company. While the content of the email is not the issue, it is the links that are contained within the email that can cause problems.

Lets say you receive an account information update email from eBay. Besides going directly to the site and logging in, you can check the validity of the email by hovering over the link listed in the email. When you hover over it, it will display the actual link in the footer of your web browser. If the link that appears does not start with www.ebay.com, then you know that the link is false.  It is tactics like this that make the technique of cloaking affiliate product links so very important. Since the buying public has become quite skilled at identifying fake website links, the last thing you want to do is scare a customer off by allowing your potential customer to see any links that do not look legitimate, even if they link to a perfectly legitimate site. I will use the links generated at LinkShare, as an example.

For those who may not have heard of LinkShare before, it is an affiliate site, like Commission Junction where members have access to thousands of different advertisers, or companies in one place. These sites are quite popular with affiliate marketers as they offer the affiliate links for some of the larger companies like Best Buy, PetSmart and Tiger Direct. For this example I will use BocaJava, a popular online coffee home delivery program.

If I was to choose to promote their 20% all orders promotion, my link would look something similar to the following: http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=piN7sDx3pEI&offerid=205722.10000018. A little confusing don’t you think? There is no mention of the site that is being promoted, which can cause those who fear identity theft to shy away from your link and potentially your site. With the right tools my link now looks like this: http://www.my-linker.com/hop/Boca_Java.

How did I do this, you may ask? Well its actually quite simple with the help of the My Linker tool offered at the Wealthy Affiliate. With the help of this tool you can cloak affiliate links for your website, or even your blog giving even the novices of the world the ability to market their product of choice. This allows marketers from all walks of life the chance to earn their piece of the internet marketing pie quicker than they ever thought possible.

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Keyword Research – How to Find Effective Keywords

When it comes to marketing products online, utilizing the right keywords can make or break whether the visitors you want are driven to your site. Choose the wrong keyword, and your site could receive visitors who are looking for a product that is vastly different than what you have to offer. Use the right keyword, and your site will receive tons of visitors who have been on a quest for the product that you are offering.

Before you give up all hope of achieving success with keyword research, you will be surprised to learn that the process of finding effective keywords is much simpler than you may think. All you need are some simple steps to follow and you will soon be able to find hundreds of effective keywords in a matter of minutes.

STEP 1: Choose the niche you are interested in marketing

In order to be successful in keyword research, you need to first determine what product niche you would like to market. In simple terms this means you will want to choose the genre of products you are interested in. This could be dog toys, electronics, home decor, automotive parts or any other genre which you are knowledgeable about and would enjoy informing others about. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box at this point because the more unique your topic is, the less likely the chance is that you will have a lot of other traffic to contend with.  The hardest part is to choose your first product, and with time the process becomes much more simple.

STEP 2: Utilize the Keyword Research tools that are available to you

In the world of keyword research, the main element you need to be concerned with is how much competition a particular keyword has. The higher the competition ratio, the harder it will be for visitors to find your site due simply to the large number of other marketers promoting a product in the same genre that you have chosen.

Utilizing the Google Keyword Tool, lets take a look at the keyword “dog toys”. Although this keyword has a high search ratio, its competition is very high and use of this keyword will probably result in your site falling too far down in the Google page rank, making it highly unlikely that someone who is looking for your product will ever find your site. In order to find a more specific keyword, its a good idea to take a look at the list of keywords Google provides in relation to your general keyword.  A quick search of the list generated by “dog toys” delivers a medium keyword of “best dog toys”.  In order to find a targeted keyword, we will enter “best dog toys” in the search list. From those results we find “best dog toys for chewers”. If you are a pet lover, you know that one of the biggest issues pet owners have is finding a toy that their dog will not destroy in a matter of minutes.

At this point I commonly transition over to using the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research tool. The reason why I like to use this keyword tool is because it gives you the option to dig further into a particular keyword, which can make finding the right keywords for your product of choice quicker, and makes the task of choosing the right keywords simple enough for anyone. Continuing with the keyword we found previously with the Google Keyword tool, I dig a little further and find the “best dog toys for aggressive chewers” keyword. Further digging does not deliver any more targeted keywords.

Step 3: Check the competition level of your keyword of choice.

In order to check the keyword competition level, I utilize another tool offered at the Wealthy Affiliate which is the Google competition tool. I prefer this tool because entering a keyword will tell you exactly how much competition currently exists on the web. While the Google keyword tool does the same thing, it is very vague in providing its results. Competition is rated on either a low, medium or high rating and there are no specific details listing a breakdown of the number of sites that each rating contains. Google may give a site a rating of low if the competition is between 0 and 100, or maybe 0 and 10,000. This unknown makes it very difficult to determine whether a keyword will deliver the results you are looking for.  The tool offered at the Wealthy Affiliate utilizes multiple tools in order to determine a keywords rating making the keyword selection process much quicker than with other free methods.

If you follow these tips, you will be surprised to find that locating the best keywords for use in any marketing concept is much easier than you may think. Over time these steps will become like second nature to you, allowing you to market more products in less time, allowing you to build a residual line of income online quicker than you ever thought was possible.

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