What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have ever searched the web for the perfect program that can help you make money online, there is a good chance that you have found yourself overwhelmed by the information that you find. With so many programs using various marketing terms interchangeably, it can be hard to tell which programs have been created with your success in mind, and which are out for nothing more than increasing their profits.

One of the most popular forms of marketing has been referred to as multi-level marketing, or MLM and there is a good chance you have come across at least one of these programs in your quest for money making success. Due to the creation of one too many scam programs, MLM’s have started to refer to themselves as affiliate marketing in order to avoid scaring away potential customers. The problem with this approach is that it causes customers to develop a negative opinion of a marketing program that does work when done correctly.

Regardless of what these other programs may lead you to believe, affiliate marketing is the promotion of a product or service that you have affiliated yourself with, and in turn receiving a percentage of the sales that you drive to a manufacturers website via your affiliate link. This method differs from MLM because you are promoting a tangible product like ebooks, pet toys, electronics or any other product you are interested in. With MLM, your job is to promote a program based only on its claims for money making success.

When I first started out in the money making realm, I fell for the claims of many of these sites. Heck, who doesn’t want to make profits with very little to no effort on their part. The problem with MLM is that they expect you do bring in referrals, and your referrals are then to bring in referrals, but they never tell you how you are supposed to go about getting those referrals. This sets you up not only for failure, but a loss of money in the process.

Success in affiliate marketing, sometimes referred to as internet marketing, is not a set it and forget it method. It requires a lot of time, effort and the right training in order to achieve success. But success is much simpler than you may think. With the training offered over at Wealthy Affiliate, you can get yourself on the right path to affiliate marketing success.

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