Work Ethics and Success Online

When it comes to making money online, it can be easy to get sucked into all the programs that promise profits with no effort required. I must admit I too got sucked into these claims when I first started looking for ways to make money online. Burdened with too much debt, I tried selling items on eBay, but soon found I was spending more time and effort with very little profits to show for it. Regardless of what all the guru books said about profiting on eBay, it became apparent that profits were only possible for those who has large amounts of money to put into the business.

Since I still held a full time job, I turned to the internet to find the best way to make money online.  I any type of program that could help me make money online. Since I had very little cash to spend, I started out with the free programs which were next to impossible to promote. I later found out these were classified MLM programs which are scams. Guess that explains why it was so hard to get sign-ups.

Finding myself desperate to make extra money, I spent money that I didn’t have on a variety of different guru programs.  Some were another form of a paid MLM scam, while others promised profits provided you followed a few simple steps. The problem I found with all these programs is that not one of them taught you how to promote. True, some may provide a list of tools to use, but they don’t tell you how to use those tools in order to achieve success.

After spending way too much money on these “get rich quick” programs, I eventually gave up assuming there is no legitimate way to make money online until 2009 when I came across the Wealthy Affiliate almost by accident. Having been burned so many times in the past, I must admit I was quite skeptical that this program was different despite the claims.

I soon realized that the Wealthy Affiliate was different than all the rest, but despite all the training and tools that were placed in front of me, I just couldn’t seem to find the time to dedicate to the program. Instead of pursuing a program that could deliver results, I spent most of 2010 trying to profit as an Avon Rep. Large amounts of time were spent with little to show for it, time that I could have been dedicating to the Wealthy Affiliate but I was just too stubborn to realize it.

During this time my membership had remained current and I was offered a chance to join the 30 day Article Marketing Training Club that the program offers. I was skeptical at first, figuring that my job would prevent me from having the time needed to participate. Instead of following the status quo, I applied for the club, figuring that it would be the kick in the pants I needed to finally get my marketing program off the ground.

At this writing, I have been in the club for 23 days so far and I am thrilled that I decided to participate. In this short amount of time the club has taught me the ethics required to be successful online.  With a few hours each day I have been able to create 14 different articles, and counting, that have been submitted for traffic to a variety of different article directories. I even created all the contents of this website in the 23 days I have been with the club.

Before this club I kept making excuses for myself. I kept telling myself that I didn’t have the time, or that the stress from my job was hindering my mental ability to think straight and write.  With the help of the Wealthy Affiliate all these excuses have now disappeared. I have learned that success is not achieved in one day, and that with each article I write, keyword I research, or web page I create gets me one step closer to achieving success online.  I just wish I has started this process sooner. Success is now within my reach, and I am not about to give up.