About Me

Me and my cat Milo

While I never seem to have any issues when it comes to writing flowing prose about any given topic, I always seem to run into issues when it comes to telling others a little bit about what makes me me. So instead of stumbling for hours trying to come up with a catchy intro paragraph to introduce you all to who I am so I guess I’ll jump right in.

My name is Jennifer, and I am happily married with a house full of four-legged kids. With three cats and one dog, life can be quite hectic because you never know what they will get into next.  While I currently work full-time as an IT consultant, the instability of the job market as well as the influx of outsourcing has led me to pursue a new career of starting my own business.

In my free time, when I have some, I love to read, play video games, work on crafts, ski and anything else that may pique my interest.  My ultimate goal is to have the chance to truly enjoy life and spend more time at home with my husband and our furry four-legged clan, rather than spend far too many hours stuck in a windowless office/cubicle for the rest of my life. It is this goal alone that drives me to learn as much as I can about making money online.

Like you, I too fell for many of the “get rich quick” schemes that exist on the web. For years I found myself spending money I didn’t have on a program that promised results, yet left me with nothing more than an  empty wallet.  I have since made it my goal to help others avoid the mistakes I have made in my pursuit of online wealth.