How to Find Jobs in Connecticut

Whether you are currently out of work, or find yourself facing the chance of being laid off, odds are you are probably more than well aware of how difficult it is to find jobs in Connecticut. While the unemployment rate may have dropped a bit from its all time high of around 9%, many are still finding it difficult to make ends meet.

Those on unemployment have found it quite difficult to find a new job due simply to the sheer number of applicants for each new job, as well as discrimination by many employers, causing them to depend on unemployment as their only source of income. While the unemployment rate is the common topic of news programs now a days, many fail to realize is that the state of the economy effects us all.

In an effort to save money, many companies have chosen to outsource their jobs overseas, while others have chosen to avoid hiring new employees. This decreases the total number of jobs available, making it difficult for those looking for a new job to find one.

While you may feel like you are destined to be on unemployment for the rest of your life, there are other alternatives to finding a job. The internet offers great ways to start an online business from the comfort of your own home, but with so many options to choose from, it can be a bit difficult to find the right one for you. Here we outline some of the most popular online business opportunities so you can determine which one will work best for you.

Running an eBay Shop:

When it comes to running an online business, running an eBay store is usually one of the first ideas to come to mind. While many have most likely sold off their household clutter on the web’s most popular auction website, running an eBay store as a full time business is not without its challenges.

One of the biggest issues is finding and sourcing inventory that will sell on a regular basis on eBay as well as deliver a profit with each item sold. If you have only ever been a buyer on eBay, you are probably not aware of the fees that eBay charges for each item. There are listing fees, final value fees, shipping fees and even Paypal fees, all of which decrease the amount of profit you could potentially make on an item.

Also, since you will most likely be running your eBay store out of your home, it may be difficult to find storage space for the items you have chosen to sell. It is highly recommended to have one room of your home dedicated to your online endeavors so as to avoid turning your home into a house of clutter.

Running an Etsy Shop:

If you are a crafter that has always struggled to find an avenue other than local fairs and swap meets to sell your wares, then Etsy may be the answer you are looking for. While Etsy may be similar in style to eBay in the fact that it offers access to millions of sellers on one site, that is where the similarities to the world’s most popular auction site end.

In order to sell on Etsy, you must offer some form of a handmade product, or supplies that can be used by fellow crafters, such as beads or yarn just to name a few but the site is not without its own challenges.

One of the biggest challenges comes in the form of competition. With so many sellers in one place, there is a good chance you will find at least one other person who offers a similar item to the one that you make, but competition alone should not deter you from opening your own shop. Just keep in mind you will need to dedicate some room in your home to the handmade items that you choose to sell on Etsy as storage will always be an issue when it comes to running an online business where you sell a physical product.


One of the little known online business gems is that of becoming a freelancer, more commonly known as an independent contractor. With sites like Elance and oDesk, freelancers from all backgrounds have the ability to apply for any number of jobs in their area of expertise, with writing, IT and virtual assistants being some of the most popular.

The one down side to this line of work is that your earnings potential is limited to the amount of jobs you feel you can comfortably complete in a day.

Creating Affiliate Marketing Websites:


While this online business is one of the easiest ones to start, it is not one that should be entered into blindly. Unlike the likes of eBay and freelancing, where you can easily learn from trial and error what needs to be done in order to be successful, pursuing an online business in affiliate marketing requires dedication as well as the right training in order to be successful. The web is packed full of scam sites that promise to help you start your online business, yet they neglect to provide you with a key element, training, that is a must in order to be successful.

With affiliate marketing, you promote and advise your readers on products in any niche of your choice, while not having to maintain your own inventory, and it is limitless when it comes to the potential income you could make. But the key to being successful with this form of an online business is to provide your reader with quality content that teaches them something new, or advises them on a question or problem they may have. Do not try and sell them on something, otherwise you are sure to never see that visitor back on your site ever again.

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed on how to find jobs in Connecticut? Have no fear. There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your career and your future. With time you will find the right career that will make all your dreams a reality.

Jennifer, aka Smokeywins