Have you lost your job due to budget cuts, or outsourcing?

Have you spent your last dollar on what you thought was one of the best internet marketing tools of the web, only to be left with nothing more than an empty promise, and an empty wallet?

Sadly you are not alone. For years I spent money that I didn’t have, hello credit card debt, on programs that promised I could make money with little to no effort of my own. If you currently find yourself nodding at the screen, reminiscing about a program with references to a lawn chair in it, then it probably means you too have been burned by many of the same programs that put my finances in need of a dire change.

What do you mean my card was declined?

In hopes of a quick financial fix, I have dabbled in selling Avon, as well as selling on both eBay and Amazon, all of which required time that I was unable to devote to it. Sorry, eating dinner at 8PM every night didn’t really rank high on my priority list, not to mention the fact that my profits, i.e., number of customers, or number of items sold were limited solely by time. Since I have yet to figure out how to clone myself, I needed to find something that would help make the most of free time I had available to work on making money online.

The day my online future changed:

Having almost given up hope, I learned about a method to making money online called internet marketing from one of the best internet marketing tools on the web, the Wealthy Affiliate University and its Open Education Project. I have been a member there since 2009, and must admit it really is the best internet marketing training program on the web.

The best part is that this awesome internet marketing training program is now offering a FREE 10 day Test Drive of all the awesome training that the Open Education Project has to offer. This gives you access to the best internet marketing tools that the web has to offer, all for FREE!

Still not convinced that this program is right for you? Check out my unbiased Wealthy Affiliate Review, where I disclose all the great tools, not to mention the awesome support that the Open Education Project from the Wealthy Affiliate offers its members.