How to Build an Online Business with Article Marketing

When it comes to learning how to build an online business, many find themselves fooled by the promise of the “set it and forget it” online business, known to many as multi-level marketing or a ponzi scheme. While these programs promise million dollar earnings in a very short period of time, these programs cannot be considered an online business when they offer nothing more than the unachievable promise of online income.

If you have ever had any experiences with any of the aforementioned programs, odds are you may have come close to giving up on your dreams of becoming an online business owner, but don’t let the bad eggs of the online business world steer you away from achieving your dreams. With a little bit of direction, you can achieve online business success, provided it is done the right way and that is with article marketing.

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While all the “guru” programs insist that you must use PPC (pay per click) marketing as part of building your online business, it is not the only game in town. For most newbie online entrepreneurs, there is little to no extra money in the savings kitty that can be dedicated to the potentially high costs that PPC marketing can incur. But what many do not realize is that there is actually a cost effective alternative to promoting ones online business which comes in the form of article marketing.

What is Article Marketing you may ask?

The answer is quite simple. As the name implies, you write articles utilizing a targeted keyword that relates to the niche that your online business is in, and then using that article, drive traffic to the website you have created for your product of choice. But this does not mean that you can throw together spammy, keyword stuffed, content and expect to get results. In order for article marketing to work, the content you provide must provide value to your reader.

Advantages of Article Marketing

While many chose to post their articles to one of the many free article directories on the web, the best choice is to create quality content for a website in your niche of choice. The cost is minimal, and it helps to build your credibility in the online world.  Instead of paying each time someone clicks on a link, article marketing uses a customer’s internet searches to its advantage, which is why it is so important to choose the right keywords.

Disadvantages of Article Marketing

While article marketing may be a free method that can help you build your online business, it is by no means a set it and forget it method to online success. In order to keep your website on the radar of the search engines, you must continue to create new content for your site in order to continue driving traffic to it. The problem with this is that the creation of new content does require a fair amount of free time and effort on the part of the site owner. But this aspect should in no way deter you from pursuing this method for learning how to build an online business. With time it will become one of the most cost effective methods in your online business arsenal.

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