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How to Market Products Online

If you are new to affiliate marketing, there is a good chance you find yourself quite confused when it comes determining what steps you need to take in order to make money online. Do a quick internet search for making money online and you will find pages of products that promise to be the “only” program that can teach you all you need to know in the world of affiliate marketing.

The problem with most of these sites is that they will tell you very little to no effort or cash required to make money, but the truth is spending will need to be done in order to make money. Whether you choose to spend your time , or your money, you will need to part with something when it comes it comes to profiting online.

A popular free money making method is known as article marketing and the process is simple. You write articles based on a particular targeted keyword that relates to the product you are promoting. It is key that the keyword and product match, otherwise it decreases the chance that your visitors will not click on your affiliate link. While this method does not require you to spend any money, you will need to spend time to research the needed keywords, and write the articles that will be used to drive traffic to your product of choice.

A great resource for learning this marketing method is from the Wealthy Affiliate. With this program you will learn all the skills you need to successfully market products online using articles. These skills include, but are not limited to learning how to select effective keywords, how to create landing pages, as well as teach you the steps needed to achieve article marketing success. The best part is the Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to a great support team that comes in quite handy when you find yourself struggling with the current marketing task at hand.

If, on the other hand you find yourself short on time, then a better marketing option for you may be pay per click (PPC) marketing. Unlike article marketing, PPC still uses targeted keywords, but instead of spending your time writing articles, this method requires you to spend money. Your keyword of choice is associated with an online ad to which you need to set a price of how much you are willing to pay per click. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you are charged that amount until your account hits your max budget for the day.

If this sounds like the right method for you, a great resource for learning the PPC marketing method is the Wealthy Affiliate. While this may be one of the more popular marketing methods on the web, failure is quite common if you do not have the proper training. Google and other search engines require that the keywords you select are relevant to the page you are promoting. Select keywords with low relevance and you decrease the chance that your ad will display in search results. Do this too frequently and you run the risk of getting banned from PPC programs all together for violating the terms of the program.

The Wealthy Affiliate can help you avoid making careless mistakes by teaching you how to  write effective ad copy, how to select effective keywords, how to choose profitable affiliate programs as well as how to create effective PPC landing pages for your ads and more so you can earn instead of loose money with your PPC campaigns.

Keep in mind there is no set rule that states you can only pursue one marketing method. If you are short on cash, you can always start out with articles and then move on to PPC when your other marketing methods start to make you money. That is why I like the Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike other programs, they give you access to all the training you will ever need to be successful in affiliate marketing. No matter what method you choose, the Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve affiliate marketing success.

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