Wealthy Affiliate Review

While there is a good chance you have read a countless amount of Wealthy Affiliate reviews that pinpoint all the advantages of the best internet marketing training program, very few probably give you the behind the scenes look of how a Wealthy Affiliate member uses the site on a daily basis to achieve their online money making goals.

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Long before I joined the Wealthy Affiliate, I spent countless hours, not to mention large sums of money, on various online affiliate marketing programs that promised I could make thousands of dollars with little to no effort of my own. You would think I would have quickly learned the error of my ways, but it took not months, but years to see the error in my ways.

Since we are a constantly on the go society, it’s easy to see how so many people get suckered in to the promises of residual income with no effort, but if there is only one thing that you get out of this Wealthy Affiliate review I want it to be this: “Online income is DIRECTLY related to the amount of time that you put into it.”

What do I mean by this, well it is actually quite simple. The more time you dedicate to your online money making goals, the higher your chances that you will achieve success.

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“But how am I supposed to succeed”, you may ask, “When I have no clue where to start.”  I was in the same boat as you only three years ago. No matter what program I tried, the critical elements to success were always missing. Sure, they would tell you to utilize the likes of Twitter and Facebook to gain signups, but they never explained to you how you were supposed to go about doing that.

How am I supposed to make the $10k a month the program promises when all they give me is an affiliate link and then leave me to my own devices to try and figure out how I’m supposed to make money. No wonder so many people think that making money online is a scam because they have yet to find the one program that is more concerned about the person’s success online, instead of their own profits. This is why I love the Wealthy Affiliate and the new open education project they have created.

Instead of providing a song and dance of sorts in this Wealthy Affiliate review about how great Open Education Project is I will instead show you how I use the great tools that this site has to offer on a daily basis.

The Community:

One of the very first things I do each and every morning is I stop by the Wealthy Affiliate Chat and say a few quick hello’s to my fellow Wealthy Affiliate members. I tend to keep the chat window up throughout my day to be available for anyone who may have questions about any part of the training that is provided as part of the OEP. When you sign up as part of the FREE 10 day trial, you will gain access to this and many of the other tools that I personally use on a daily basis, all for FREE!


The Tools

I would have to say that this is one of my favorite areas of the Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project, which is why I will go into a bit of detail in this Wealthy Affiliate review about a few of my most favorite tools at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Keyword List:

Released weekly, this list of 100 low competition keywords helps to give me new ideas for new articles or possibly a new website, provided the domain name has not been purchased yet. In the past few weeks I have obtained about six new domains just from the content these lists provide.

Rapid Writer:

I love this tool, mostly because it helps me track keyword density in every article I write. If you have ever searched the web for information on a particular product, you may have never realized that you were utilizing keywords to find the information you were looking for. Keyword density is critical in my online success because if I include a keyword one too many times in my content it can be considered keyword stuffing, causing my content to be considered spam by the web bots which is why this tool is key to all new content I create.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting:

My most favorite is the web hosting which is included as part of my Wealthy Affiliate membership. If you have ever considered creating a website of your own, there is a good chance you were quite shocked by the yearly charge that the likes of Go Daddy and other web hosting companies charged just so you could use storage space on their servers for your website.

As you can see, I have not 1, but many sites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. When you signup as part of the FREE 10 day trial, you will gain access to this awesome tool as well.

The Training:



One of the most popular areas of the Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project, and something that I could not possibly leave out in this Wealthy Affiliate review are the weekly WAbinars. While I haven’t had a chance to participate in the live runs of the WAbinars, as they run every Friday night and I have had a prior commitment at that time, I love the WAbinars as they give you visual examples of various aspects of the training offered at the Wealthy Affiliate. This makes them perfect for the person who may have a hard time acquiring new skills via the self taught method.

Other Training Resources:

In addition to all the WAbinars, there is a plethora of training guides available at the Wealthy Affiliate with one of my all time favorites being the 30 Day Success Club, and when you sign up for the FREE 10 day trial you will be able to access this, and many other training guides for no additional cost.

I especially love the 30 Day Success Club because it steps you through the basics of getting a money making website up, in the niche of your choice, in only 30 days. I personally have referred to this training on multiple occasions as it helps to keep me from getting distracted by all the new tips and tricks the seasoned members of Wealthy Affiliate have started to use.

If you think that all the training at the Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards internet marketing, then I have a bonus for you. I recently created eBay selling resource for those who may have always wanted to make some quick cash by selling their unused items on eBay, but had no clue where to start.

Having been a buyer/seller since 2003, I have obtained a large amount of experience when it comes to selling online and figured this training would be helpful for anyone who needs a bit of help in covering the monthly membership fee once the FREE 10 day trial is up.

Don’t pass up this exciting opportunity to join Wealthy Affiliate absolutely free! Click here and create your account now and receive free access to my training “The Basics of Selling on eBay.” See you on the inside!

Jennifer, aka Smokeywins